Friday, October 14, 2016

Mail Call: 14 October 1934 (Gladys)

Letter from Gladys Potter in Sargent, MO to her daughter Mary who is still working in St. Louis.

Late night bread baking..."Now can you smell it"...

Sorghum cane stripping on Oct 15 followed by syrup making (was there a cane mill in Texas Co.?)

David is "fixing flats for a pastime."

"Everybody has gone to bed but the cats & they are fighting"

"I have got to stop writing as the lamp is going out for the want of oil"

"If this letter isn't spelt correct, you fix it."

Note:  Brooks is neighbor Arch Brooks.  I cannot identify "Murdocks" or "Opal."
Mrs. Fieldens runs the grocery store which offers credit; there was at least one cash-only grocery in Cabool as well.

Note: Mrs  Brooks is Claudine Rivry Brooks, Arch Brook's wife.
I cannot identify "Paul Bird"
Dora is Dora Bremercamp, George's sister, in East St. Louis.

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