Monday, November 14, 2016

Mail Call: 14 November 1934 (Gladys)

From Gladys Potter in Sargent, MO to her daughter Mary in St. Louis.

Short note asking for the means to pay on the grocery bill in Cabool.

George Potter and Arch Brooks are hauling wood using Arch's mules.

Note:  Mrs Rivry is neighbor Arch Brooks' mother-in-law.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mail Call: 5 November 1934 (David)

From David Potter in Sargent, MO to his sister Mary in St. Louis.

David doesn't need an offered suit or shoes, but wants corduroy pants and a "deerskin" jacket...a leather vest with sleeves and a zipper front.  Socks are a must.

Perhaps  this is something like the jacket in question.
I don't think Dave got one, though
David Potter
circa 1934

Third-page addition from George Potter to his daughter Mary:

"The old Buick has a bad case of jitters and I look for it to give a gasp and quit any time.  Dave is the only one that can make it run and he works with both hands & feet & sometimes then she stops on the road & then everyone gets out and pushes"

Signed J. Bascom Twitch