Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mail Call: 29 September 1934

From George Potter in Sargent, MO to Mary Potter, who is still working her temp job in St. Louis.

George is looking into buying the "New Southern" hotel in Houston, MO in trade for the farm.  This won't happen...but with Gladys cooking and a staff of good-looking daughters it might have been a hit.

Note:  "Walt" is Walter Bremerkamp, George's brother-in-law
(See photo below)
Mary was staying with the Bremerkamp family at the time.

The Bremerkamps of East St. Louis
Walter (1897-1972)
Robert (1926-2006)
Mary (1926-1933)
Dora Potter (1892-1966): George's sister
Photo circa 1929
Dora Potter Bremerkamp was seriously affected by the death of Mary Bremerkamp in 1933 of some childhood disease.  Dora put the child to bed with orders to stop fussing, but little Mary died overnight.  At the time Mary Potter was staying with her, Dora was involved in the Spiritualist movement.  The seances were what my mother remembered from that time.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mail Call: 15 September 1934

Letter from George Potter to Mary Potter (15 Sept 1934) - a Saturday.  Mary is working in St. Louis at her temporary employer, while George is back in Sargent, MO.

The farm had a peach tree: 85 quarts of peaches canned without sugar...a wonder nobody died of botulism, since this would most likely have been hot-bath canning at 212F at best.

The good part is on the second page...the car gets a flat, and David Potter fixes it, while Dorothy Potter and her friend Ruby Taylor decide they won't wait and walk on.  They get their comeuppance in a sudden rain storm.

Emma Potter Parker (1878-1953)
George Potter's younger sister back in Erie County, PA
who sent back some cash now and then.

Note:  Arch Brooks (1886-1968) was the Potter's neighbor.  His property surrounded the Potter farm on all sides.  Mary was his daughter.

Mail Call: 1 September, 1934

Letter from George Potter to my mother, Mary Potter, dated 1 Sept 1934 (a Saturday):  By this time in 1934,  Mary had finally found a job in St.  Louis, MO, after spending 3 years in business school in Tulsa, OK.  The job was temporary/provisional but fortunately lasted longer than its original 10 day run.

Any earlier letters (1930-1934) were not preserved, assuming I don't find some in unexpected places in the files.   After a year or so farming in Sargent, MO, George is looking to doing something else.  That isn't going to happen, though. 

George Potter (1875-1943)

Note:  the "flappers" are Marjorie and Florence although,
in the singular, Florence is usually "Flapper" and Elaine "Soph"