Saturday, November 5, 2016

Mail Call: 5 November 1934 (David)

From David Potter in Sargent, MO to his sister Mary in St. Louis.

David doesn't need an offered suit or shoes, but wants corduroy pants and a "deerskin" jacket...a leather vest with sleeves and a zipper front.  Socks are a must.

Perhaps  this is something like the jacket in question.
I don't think Dave got one, though
David Potter
circa 1934

Third-page addition from George Potter to his daughter Mary:

"The old Buick has a bad case of jitters and I look for it to give a gasp and quit any time.  Dave is the only one that can make it run and he works with both hands & feet & sometimes then she stops on the road & then everyone gets out and pushes"

Signed J. Bascom Twitch

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