Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mail Call: 15 September 1934

Letter from George Potter to Mary Potter (15 Sept 1934) - a Saturday.  Mary is working in St. Louis at her temporary employer, while George is back in Sargent, MO.

The farm had a peach tree: 85 quarts of peaches canned without sugar...a wonder nobody died of botulism, since this would most likely have been hot-bath canning at 212F at best.

The good part is on the second page...the car gets a flat, and David Potter fixes it, while Dorothy Potter and her friend Ruby Taylor decide they won't wait and walk on.  They get their comeuppance in a sudden rain storm.

Emma Potter Parker (1878-1953)
George Potter's younger sister back in Erie County, PA
who sent back some cash now and then.

Note:  Arch Brooks (1886-1968) was the Potter's neighbor.  His property surrounded the Potter farm on all sides.  Mary was his daughter.

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