Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mail Call: 1 September, 1934

Letter from George Potter to my mother, Mary Potter, dated 1 Sept 1934 (a Saturday):  By this time in 1934,  Mary had finally found a job in St.  Louis, MO, after spending 3 years in business school in Tulsa, OK.  The job was temporary/provisional but fortunately lasted longer than its original 10 day run.

Any earlier letters (1930-1934) were not preserved, assuming I don't find some in unexpected places in the files.   After a year or so farming in Sargent, MO, George is looking to doing something else.  That isn't going to happen, though. 

George Potter (1875-1943)

Note:  the "flappers" are Marjorie and Florence although,
in the singular, Florence is usually "Flapper" and Elaine "Soph"

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