Thursday, December 8, 2016

George's Photos ca. 1896 page 2 of 5

The next two of George Potter's photographs from around 1896-1898 may also be from Findley Lake, NY.  Unfortunately, they are not captioned.

Findley Lake was created when a mill dam raised water levels enough to link two smaller, natural lakes.  The dam is the starting point of one of the branches of French Creek, near where George Potter was born in 1875.  French Creek is part of the Allegheny River watershed.  This could be a different mill dam on a different part of the watershed, but the people in the background seem rather well-dressed; even the kids appear to have ties.

In the following photo, the sign on the building describes it as a hotel and summer garden, but the rest of the text is blocked out by the tree trunk.  This might part of the Findley Lake, NY, resort community, as everyone seems dressed up.  The buck's well-developed antlers, still covered in velvet, suggest that this would have been taken in late July or early August.

A Hotel and "summergarden" with a deer pen, possibly at Findley Lake, NY
George seems to have let himself into the pen to take the photo, unsettling the deer.

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