Wednesday, December 14, 2016

George's Photos ca. 1896 page 5 of 5

This set of photos features George Potter's cousin Oren Kennedy (1876-1951).  Oren was the son of George's aunt Emma Hasbrouck (1858-1882) and her husband Frank Kennedy (1853-1884)...thus, he was orphaned by age eight and raised by his relatives, with the Potters most likely taking a turn.  He was very close in age to George, and eventually took up the same profession (machinist).  Oren always sent his cousin George a birthday card, usually with a dollar or two enclosed.

In one of his birthday notes (April 1940), Oren remembered this time (1896) as:

"We have had a hard winter, it made me think of the winter of 1896 when you and I was cutting basswood bolts down at Eden.  And as I recall it was good sleighing when you and Charlie and Uncle Dave took me to the depot on the 14th of March"  

Eden would be Eden, Erie County, NY while Charlie is George's brother Charles and Uncle Dave was George's father David "Max" Potter.

Oren Kennedy and George Potter
Oren Kennedy

Oren Kennedy and unidentified "horse"

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