Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mail Call: 18 March 1935 (Gladys)

Gladys Potter in Cabool, MO to her daughter Mary who was working for a  bank in St Louis.

A neighbor, Mrs. Arch Brooks, criticizes Elaine (20 years old at the time) for her un-ladylike posture and gets an earful.  "Mrs. Brooks runs her house and I guess she is going to try and run our house also."  Unfortunately, as the Potters get much neighborly support from the Brooks family, Gladys doesn't seem to feel that she can really tell her off.

Gladys takes the farm off the market for now.

Lots of rain, too much to plow the garden, but the car gets stuck in the mud.

Note:  "Mrs. Brooks" is Claudine Celestine Rivry Brooks (1885-1967), Arch Brook's second wife.
She was born in France and moved with her family to Kansas in 1897 and then on to Cabool in 1903.
The Rivry estate plus the Brooks land surrounded the Potter farm.

"Marshal Brooks (1899-1951)" was neighbor Arch Brooks' brother, one-time local lawman, and real estate agent,

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