Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mail Call: 4 March 1935 (Gladys)

From Gladys Potter to her daughter Mary, now living in St. Louis after having moved out of Dora's place in East St. Louis.  Shorter commute to the bank, less drama, possibly better food.

"They (i.e., Gladys' sisters-in-law Emma and Dora) all have the darndest dispositions, easy to be hurt but don't care who (sic) feelings they hurt they are all alike, too"

Walter is Walt Bremerkamp and Dora is his wife (George's sister) .  They lived in East St. Louis.

"Dora treated Lillian" would be George's late sister Bessie's daughter Lillian Johnson
by then back with George's sister Emma in Pennsylvania.

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