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28 April 1912: Mary Minerva Potter Obituary and Photos

Corry Evening Journal, April 28, 1912
"Mrs. E. W. Brown": daughter May
"Mrs. D. L. Cowlyn" (sic)" daughter Alice
"Mrs. S. W. Parker" daughter Emma
"Mrs. Charles Johnson" daughter Bessie
"Mrs. Ivan Rickerson" daughter Dora
Sons Charles and George.

These crumbling newspaper clippings won't last much longer under the best of circumstances, so here they are in color, with some caption notes as to who was who.

Corry Evening Journal, 1912, presumably Wednesday, May 1, 1912
"Orrin Kennedy" Oren, her nephew; late sister Emma Hasbrouck Kennedy's son
"G. H. Potter of Warren" her son George
"Mrs. A. J. Ried" her sister-in-law Marie Potter Read

The following pictures are from Jacki Neitzski's collection, with thanks! 
(ultimately, the photos were once owned by George's sister Alice Potter Cowlin.)

Mary Minerva Hasbrouck, ca. 1870
about 15-16 years old,
just about the time of her marriage
to David "Max" Potter.
Mary Minerva Hasbrouck is on the right, in blue
Sister Emma, in green
Brother Charles.
Hand tinted, prob. tintype, ca. 1864

David "Max" Potter and Mary Minerva Hasbrouck Potter, ca. 1910
about 55 years old, her husband David would be about 60 here.

Planning ahead.

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