Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mail Call: 12 April 1935 (Marjorie)

From Marjorie Potter in Cabool to her sister Mary in St. Louis

The continuation of the Potter's rescued baby story, thanks to cousin Linda Rauk who contributed this letter.  The baby was in some distress because of a sensitivity to cow's milk; the Potters were able to somehow buy goat's milk which made him more comfortable.

Soon after this letter was written, the father came for the baby (and his sick wife, who had not died in the interval, the County doctor being quite wrong in this case).  Mr. Barton had found a job, and he next shows up with his wife and children in Pratt, Kansas in the 1940 Federal Census.  The baby lived to be 78 (d. 2014)  Although I am 90% certain I know who "Melvin Dick" was...(and anyone with an account and fifteen minutes could find out, too)..I'll think I'll leave it at that.  Nobody wants to google up an ancestor and find them abandoned to strangers by their kin as infants.

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