Saturday, March 5, 2016

1930-1933: Berryville, Arkansas Farm

The Potters left Quay, Oklahoma and drove to  Berryville, Arkansas to take up their farm there sometime after April, 1930. 

My mother, Mary Potter, had enrolled in a secretarial school in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she would spend the next three years practicing typing and jobs to be found until 1934. She wasn't part of the family's move to Arkansas.

The farm house appears to  be in better shape outside than in the mid-1920s when the earlier photos were taken.  Unfortunately, according to Mary Potter, whoever had been living there while the Potters were back in Quay cleaned out everything when they left, right down to the curtains.  

Berryville, Arkansas Farm House

Although the corn is tall in the following pictures, Arkansas was suffering from a historic drought in 1931, a lead-in to the dust bowl of 1934.   George had not farmed in decades, although Gladys had been keeping cows, chickens, pigs and the like all along.

George Potter and canine friend;
Not certain which of the girls
 is standing behind him.
George Potter with giant
open-pollinated corn.
Elaine and David Potter in the corn.

Mary Potter, visiting the farm from Tulsa.
Is that Florence of Marjorie on the right?

There was enough wheat in the field to hide:

Wheat field south of the farm.
There are people out there...
Reverse of wheat field photo.
Lucille may be Lucille Parker, a cousin

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