Tuesday, March 8, 2016

1933: Sargent, Missouri farm

The new Potter farm in Sargent, Missouri is shown in the following 1930 plat map section 16, listed by its previous owner J. Godfrey - 60 acres.  At least, that property is consistent with the legal description from Gladys' sale of the property in 1952.  By the time the Potters got there, Mr. Arch Brooks had ownership of the C.C. Riverie Estate, and was nearest-neighbor on all sides.  This fits the 1940 Census records.  The property is actually just within the borders of Burdine Township and is so treated in the census, but it is much closer to the small villiage of Sargent.

Detail of Sargent, Missouri plat map ca 1930
credit: oclc.org

These photographs are all just labelled "Missouri" and so could be from anytime between 1933 and 1943.

Gladys Potter and Car.
George Potter in cornfield,
Sargent, MO

There was a creek nearby for swimming and fishing:

David Potter and ?
Sargent, MO
I recognize Dorothy Potter (left, hair)
Gladys Potter (Center, Hat)
Elaine Potter (Right, Hat)*
Not sure of the others.

The view in Sargent, MO

I think this is a Cabool parade
with a good theme.
This is likely a partisan
rather than agricultural donkey.


  1. In the shot with the swim-suit kids, that's Elaine on the right. (Does the "Joe Puckett" in section 17 make her future husband Lee a "boy-next-door?")

    On one early-Sixties Cabool visit, a drive-by visit to the old farm site also led to a long-time-no-see visit with neighbor Arch Brooks and his Downs Syndrome daughter, Lizzie--probably in her thirties but basically a "big girl" in a simple cotton dress, unable to speak other than with wordless cries and exclamations. As Father got out of the car, when she caught sight of him she surged down the porch steps, pointing and exclaiming, rushing to hug him. "Yep, that's right, Lizzie...It's David." I don't know how long it had been-- evidently years, maybe decades--but it was striking and touching that it so delighted her to lay eyes on him again. And the episode may have stayed with me also because Father was a shy, somewhat reluctant hugger otherwise--but with the child-like Lizzie it seemed perfectly natural...

    1. Thank you for the correction and the memory. My mother never (as far as I know) went out to the old farm site when we were in Cabool. She had never lived there, though; just some rare visits.