Tuesday, March 1, 2016

1927:Quay School

Quay, Oklahoma had a solid-looking brick schoolhouse in the 1920s.   There are about 33 children in this photo of the first grade class; one or the other of the Potter siblings are in here; beyond recognition.

Mrs. Eva Cook's Primary (first) Grade Class, Quay OK

The class size dropped quickly over the years; there were only eight students remaining in Mary Potter's high school cohort by 1929, down from twenty four years earlier.  I suppose most of the students either moved on with their families (the Quay oil field had been in decline for years) or had to go to work after finishing 8th grade.

The school looks solid, but it is not there anymore. Quay is now mostly abandoned.

This photo of Mary Potter at age 16 is the only other photo I have from 1927.

Mary Potter, 1927

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