Friday, March 4, 2016

1930: Quay: A "wolf bite"

 George Potter's work as an oil-field machinist lasted until at least April 3, 1930 when the census-taker came through.  The family is still all there in one place, and George answered "yes" to the question "Did you work yesterday."

Envelope of letter to George Potter in Quay
April 8, 1930
(from cousin Oren Kennedy in Erie, PA)

Note on reverse of
Oren Kennedy's
card to George.
The "wolf bite" just
hadn't kicked in yet.

Birthday Card for George Potter's 55th Birthday
10 April 1930
from his cousin Oren Kennedy (1876-1951)  in Erie PA

The 1930 census also lists the Potter's address as "Section 6" of Eagle Township, Payne County, Oklahoma.  That would be the upper left hand square on the following map; south-east of whatever was left of Quay after the fires.  

Survey Map of Eagle Twp OK

The oil-field house was rented, and the lease was probably up when the job was gone.  I don't know when exactly in 1930 that George got let go; he would have been 55 with very few prospects.  At least they had that farm in Arkansas.

Gladys Potter and child (Marjorie?) going on the road, 1930


  1. I believe Father mentioned them owning a 1924 Dodge when he was a kid, and I think this is it: rear window is the right size/shape, and the suicide back door sets it apart from other makes at the time--although theirs seem to have wire wheels and round "landau" windows in the top. A fairly luxurious and well-engineered car for the time. If they were driving the "T" in '24, they must've bought this one used...

    He also referred at various times to a "1928 Essex," and a Huppmobile--which to me always sounded like comical makes, like Jack Benny's Maxwell...

    1. There is definitely an Essex in one of the old photos, but since Grandpa Potter's sister May Brown is sitting on it I thought it was hers, driven down on a family visit. Seems not; I'll fit that picture in somewhere. There are several cars over the years and perhaps Grandpa liked switching them up.