Monday, February 29, 2016

1926: Cousin Bessie gets Shot

This clipping from a 1926 Chicago-area newspaper is a combination wedding description and accident report involving George Potter's sister Alice Potter Cowlin's daughter Bessie.  The Cowlin's were clearly more prosperous than George, but accidents do happen.  Everyone lived long and stayed married.

(the article continues; the gap here
is a scanning artifact)

Bessie Cowlin in 1923

Dwight Lou Cowlin (1875-1955)
baby Jean Class, Alice's baby, (1928-2015)
Alice Cowlin (1883-1969)
Alice Cowlin Class (1906-1978 )
Bessie Cowlin Tagge (1904-1998)
Des Plaines, Illinois in 1930?

Des Plaines, Ill 1931.  Notice the toboggan run on the right.

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