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1909: Corry, Pennsylvania: Potter elders

The Potter family home in 1909, when Gladys and George Potter married, looks roomy and comfortable.  There is some question about its street address; 232 Frederick is given on "Max" Potter's death certificate in 1912 but the 1910 Census shows "232 Congress." In either case, it isn't there anymore.  The Census shows the house as owned rather than rented by Mr. Potter.

232 W. Frederick St., Corry PA circa 1910

George Potter's mother was Mary Minerva Hasbrouck Potter (1855-1912), who is the older seated woman in the photograph posted below.  The details of the house in the background seem to match the wide shot of 232 Frederick St.  Since Mary died in 1912, the possibilities for who the children might be are few:  One record I have suggests that the boys are the sons of the younger, standing woman identified as Alice Scott Hasbrouck (1965-1944) who was married to Mary's brother William R. Hasbrouck (1864-1919):  Harold Hasbrouck (1893-1964) and Earle Hasbrouck (1890-1973) and the girl on Mary's lap is Florence Brown (1896-1942), daughter of May Potter Brown (1872-1951)

Mary Minerva Hasbrouck Potter (1855-1912)

Her husband and George's father, David "Max" Potter (1850-1912), has a rather more formal portrait, but also  probably from around 1910.

David Henry "Max" Potter (1850-1912)

Details of the house in Corry are also in the background of this snapshot of George Potter.

George Henry Potter (1875-1943)

There are two earlier pictures of David "Max" Potter and Mary Minerva Hasbrouck.  The apparent ages of the subjects suggest that these were probably portraits from the 1870's

David "Max" Potter (1850-1912)

Mary Minerva Hasbrouck (seated, right) and siblings
Standing:Charles D. (1852-1923)
William R. (1864-1919)
Seated Left: Emma (1858-1882)

(Added 21 Feb 2016):  Forrest "Doc" Pugh sent me the following very fine picture of the Potter elders taken sometime between 1903 and 1912:

The seated younger woman is George's (not Mary's) sister Emma Jane Potter Parker (1878-1953).
The standing girl is Emma's daughter Lucille Parker (1897-1968) later Lucille Quested.

The seated man is George's sister Emma's husband Silas "Si" Parker (1873-1938).
The typed caption is incorrect; the man is not Alice's husband Lou Cowlin,.

George is seated in back with in the white shirt and straw hat.
Mary Minerva Hasbrook Potter is on the far right, and her husband David "Max" Potter is on the left.

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