Monday, February 15, 2016

1909: Union City, Pennsylvania

Perry Farm, Union City, PA circa 1909
Standing adults: Hank Perry, Alice Olivia Lore Henry Perry
Standing child: Florence Perry (half-sib)
Seated:  Hank Perry Jr., Gladys Henry, Choice Perry (half-sib)
This is the earliest photograph I have of Gladys Effie Henry Potter.  Her father, Andrew Henry, had died at about the same time as she was born (1888).  Alice Olivia Lore had re-married Hank Perry, a widower with a few kids of his own. Alice and Hank had four children who are Glady's half-siblings.  The fourth half-sibling, Hiram Carl Perry (1893-1970) is not present in this photo.

The date of this photograph cannot be later than the death of Choice Perry in 1912 or of Alice in 1913.  I believe, but do not know for sure, that this was taken on the occasion of Gladys' marriage to George Potter in July, 1909.  The 1910 Federal Census shows the Perry family living at 7 East High St., Union City, PA (Erie County) which is near the center of the town. In 1900,  Gladys and the Perrys had been living about a mile further out of town on Graves St., Union City, PA.

By 1910,  Gladys and George Potter are listed in the Census living at 21 Linwood St., Warren, PA, which is about 40 miles east of Union City.

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