Sunday, February 28, 2016

1926: Quay, Oklahoma Visitors

That the date of this photograph might be determined from the old car is not beyond consideration, but I have not found a good reference to identify its model year.  The spare tire cover reads "Downers Grove Hudson-Essex Sales-Service" and Downers Grove is a Chicago suburb near May's house back then.  Essex started making enclosed sedans in 1922, and this is probably a 1925-1926 model.

Most likely, George's sisters May Brown and Alice Cowlin had driven down from Chicago with some help from brother-in-law Lou Cowlin, while sister Dora Bremercamp and her husband Walter had come over from Tulsa for a visit.  Dora is not in the picture and is, perhaps, the photographer.

Baby Marjorie (b. 1923) is not in the picture and is, perhaps, napping.

The details of the oil-field house porch are interesting.  Note the birdcage hanging from a rafter towards the rear and the wringer washing machine.

George Potter's Relatives visiting Quay, Oklahoma
May Olivia Potter Brown (1872-1951) seated next to car
Back Row, L to R, Walter Bremercamp (1897-1972)
George Potter (1875-1943)
Alice Potter Cowlin (1883-1969) and Lou Cowlin (1875-1955)
Gladys Potter (1888-1967)
kids are Florence, Elaine, David, Mary (behind David) and Dorothy.

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