Monday, February 22, 2016

1920: Quay, Oklahoma

Continuing on with the roll of film taken in the oilfields of Quay, Oklahoma early in 1920 we see a side-view of the Potter house with the girls during some cold weather.  Looks like the house has a gas supply, so perhaps it was warm inside.

Potter Kids: Dorothy, Mary? and Elaine (plaid dress)
The house attracted some visitors to entertain baby David Potter,

Gladys and baby David with visitors
while a walk through the oil fields gave some close-up industrial action.  Dorothy shows the greatest interest in the rig.

George and his
brother-in-law Ivan Rickerson.
Dorothy checking out rig,
Gladys holding baby David.
Others blurry.
Gladys holding baby David,
her sister-in-law Dora Potter (Rickerson)
Dorothy on right.
Other kids (blurry) are Mary, Elaine and
cousin Lilian Johnson,
who is probably the bigger girl
near Dora.

Mary, Elaine, Dorothy, David
Oil-rig bull wheel

George holding David
George with Dorothy, David and Mary

Gladys Potter and (blurry) kids

George's sister Dora Potter was married at the time to another oil worker, Ivan Rickerson, and they lived not too far away in Tulsa, OK.  They took care of cousin Lilian for a few years.

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