Saturday, February 27, 2016

1925:Ozark Trail

Since the Potters had a farm in Arkansas, what better way to get there from Quay, Oklahoma than a car-camping road trip?  Most of these are marked 1925, but there could have been several trips over the years, combined in the old photo album.

Car camping 1925

David in tent, 1925
David, Dorothy Elaine
Florence, Mary, baby Marjorie

Getting the car out of a creek..

Roadside Picnic,  Dorothy, Gladys, David

On the Ozark Trail, 1925 and 90 years later
Near Noel, Missouri
right, credit:

The farm house may have been getting some repairs, although not done with much evident haste.  The pictures are too faded and blurry to identify the people.

Farm Scene, 1925
Farm Scene, 1925

Farm Scene, 1925
Farm Scene, 1925

Farm Scene with  cows, 1925

Small Kids are Florence and Marjorie,
others are too blurry; one extra boy?

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