Tuesday, February 23, 2016

1921-1922: Quay, Oklahoma, baby Florence

The first of the children to be born in Oklahoma was Florence, later Florence Pugh (1921-2007).  The best of these pictures includes a good image of Gladys with sleeping baby Florence:
Baby Florence and her Mom
(label in Gladys' hand)
Probably Mary standing, left
and David, right
 There are also baby pictures of Florence with her older siblings.  This may be an interior shot of the house.  There are two calendars in the picture, but neither can be read even with magnification.

Same interior
Mary, Gladys, Elaine
Baby Florence

David, Florence, Dorothy

Florence, 5 months
(November 1921?)

The exterior of the house with some entertainment; George is holding Florence while Dorothy and David get a ride.

Dorothy, David on cow
George holding baby Florence

Baby Florence, falling?

 Florence's proud parents sent around a post-card shot of her first birthday on the porch of the oil field house.  This post-card must have been returned later on by George's sister Dora.

Florence Potter and toy
ca. first birthday
(notes in Mary Potter's hand)
Back of photo of Florence on scoot toy.
Shot processed as post card, sent
by George to his sister Dora's
second husband.

Florence, May 1922
Dorothy (standing)
Perhaps taken in Tulsa during a visit to Aunt Dora?

Florence is still the baby of the family here:

(label in Mary Potter's hand)

Florence, Sept 1922
(label by Mary Potter)

Her little sister Marjorie will arrive in December, 1922. But for now:

Potter family on oil-field house porch
George, Gladys, Dora
Mary, David, Elaine, Florence, Dorothy

Line-up on oil-field house porch, 1922(?)


  1. Great family pics.. So glad to have them!

  2. Great family pics.. So glad to have them!