Wednesday, February 17, 2016

1919: Corry and Warren, Pennsylvania

These pictures are from early in 1919, and most seem to have been taken in Corry and/or Warren, Pennsylvania.  The exception is the portrait of George which may have been sent back from Oklahoma while George was lining up work there.

Gladys Potter holding
David Potter (1918-1977)
(Mary Potter with hat)
George Potter, dated
"Tulsa, July 4, 1919"
"We don't wear coats here in the summer"

David Potter was born in August, 1918 so these sitting-up baby pictures are probably from early spring 1919.

David Potter, Spring 1919

David Potter and Dog
Spring, 1919

David Potter, 1919
"6 months" would be February, but this looks like Spring.
The older woman is probably David's great-aunt;
I'd guess George's Aunt Emma Hasbrouck (1853-1942; 66 years old in 1919)

Mary, Elaine, Dorothy and Gladys
Pennsylvania farm scene, exact location unknown
Probably Summer, 1919

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